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20.10. Connections, games, magic, and lots of fun

Today the Heureka event was full of action. You could make yourself a working electronic device. You could practice your aim playing the Angry Birds live game. You could participate in the JOTA ”Fox hunt” (Amateur Radio Direction Finding), where you tried to find the foxes listening to a radio signal. You could print the JOTA-JOTI logo on a T-shirt. Also some magic tricks were learned. You could play scout games or learn how to signal with flags or useing the morse code.

In the auditorium, we met scouts from other countries taking video connections to Japan, England and the Netherlands. For example, we learned that in Holland there are eight different coloured scout uniforms. The JOTI computer lab was set up to chat with other participants all over the world using IRC. In the afternoon, scouts on almost all continents had already been reached.

Since pictures tell more than any number of words, please check out also the photos on Facebook.

See you again tomorrow in Heureka!

20.10. The Joti-Jota event in Heureka opened at 10 am